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Fed up with not reaching your goals? Need that bit of extra help to shed those pounds and give you the figure you've always dreamed of? Why not try the famous Slimdoo® Ring to help you lose weight AND relax? Designed specifically to work with pulse points found on the hand using miniature magnets, this elegant piece has some incredible virtues when it comes to relaxation and losing weight! The aim is to feel better, more relaxed, eat less, eat better and eliminate more***

Develop Zen attitudeImprove your confidence

Wearing the Slimdoo® Ring will bring you a certain sense of peace as in stimulates the hand's reflexive points. Used in Asia for millennia, the activation of energy points allows the wearer to feel less stressed... which can then go on to increase weight loss! There is no magical cure, but this ring can certainly go a long way to helping increase your weight loss chances.***

Slim downTreat yourself

Treat yourself to this Slimdoo® Ring ring and increase your chances in your weight loss goals! Fed up with not being able to wear the clothes you want to wear? Do you want to shed those extra pounds? Need a helping hand when it comes to remaining Zen? Don't waste another moment, try this new sensation direct from Asia - where they know how to relax and say slim! Maybe you're looking for a gift for a friend or loved one? This could be the answer!***

Magnetic ring effects:

Relaxation, ability to unwind

Reduction of appetite

Loss of kilos

Smile at life

Slim down

So make a resolution from today!

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